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Larger Than Life


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Contact Me

I love to get mail!

Like what you've read here? Hate what you've read here? Share my passion and want to contribute? Please get in touch! you can email me, or just sign the guestbook. Also, if you have a link I don't mind adding it to the site!
Just click the link below to send me mail:


and if for some reason the link doesn't work, my email address is

Site Map:
Who are these guys? brief bio, band member names, and more background info.
Home- intro, band members, site updates
contact me- how to contact me
related links- LTL links including merchandise booking, and other band sites, web ring (ADD YOUR SITE!!)
tour dates-  up to date news and tour dates, how to contact LTL (by mail, phone, and email) 
Discography- track listings for LTL albums
Lyrics- lyrics
Pics- pics from the LTL official site
Mailbag- guestbook, how to contact me, poll
News- there is no main "news" link on the tool bar. Just click this link (also located on the home site) to view more extensive news as well as past news.