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Larger Than Life


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Who are these guys?

a little background info on LTL...

Punk-Pop that speaks the universal language of love. San Diego punk rock like no other.

Music style:
San Diego punk rock.

Musical influences:
the ataris, face to face, no use for a name, green day, blink 182, mxpx, screeching weasel, good riddance, no motiv, bad religion, arthur

They Sound Like:
the ataris, face to face, blink 182, green day, arthur, no motiv, mxpx, homegrown, weston, a new found glory, lagwagon, nofx, sum 41, fenix tx, offspring, useless id, millencolin, vandals, nufan

Band Bio:
Larger Than Life has been a band since 1999. Aaron and Devin met Anthony, then they all met Jon ... then they found Brandon ... then Aaron left the band ... then Roland from Easily Amused joined the band ... then Brandon left the band and Chuck from Easily Amused joined.

guitars, drums, bass

1.The Easy Way Out (demo) - 1999 (available on
2. If Tomorrow Never Came (self released EP) - 2001 (available at and at music traders in San Diego)
3. "Along the Lines of Breaking Down" EP (2002)

Band Members:
Lead Vocals- Jonathan Lowe
Guitar and vocals- Devin Schlichting
Guitar and vocals- Roland Ware
Bass- Chuck D.
Drums- Anthony Mendeola

To get awesome Larger Than Life merchandise-
via phone- 1-619-698-0220
larger than life
9228 Campo rd.
Spring Valley, CA