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Larger Than Life


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hey hey. My name is Erica, and I had this site for long, but I've been a fan of LTL for a while. I first heard of them when I lived in FL, and I was searching for good punk music. I clicked on LTL's link and voila! I fell in love, haha. I told all of my friends about LTL, numerous times, and they even got into them. then i moved to MD (which really sux so far!!) and  have continued to spread the LTL pride! I made these little LTL patches and passed then out to people at lunch... and yeah.  anyway, I just wanted a page to put some awesome pics, so here they are!! these are pics of me and friends in Niceville, FL.

Lacey and I

this is a pic of my best friend Lacey and I during my last full day in Florida. my sister Raquel was driving us home from school and we stopped by hardees in Niceville so raquel could see her friend who works there. anyway, we decided to stand by the wall and take a pic!!

lacey in the high chair at the TLF

me being stupid with my guitar

Lacey, Amanda, and Rosalee

these are three of my really good friends at one of Niceville's football games. we're all in marching band, and this was taken one night after half time.

this is me at the going away party Lacey threw 4me