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We'll see you when we get there...

Count the Stars-4/26/02-Holy Grounds Youth Center-Severna Park,MD

Before the Show:
ha ha Raquel and I passed out fliers at school but since our school is all scary thug-ish i don't think anyone was interested. Then, our mom said we couldn't go (this was like around 3:00) and I got really pissed... see she was afraid that we'd get mugged or raped or something... but then finally I cried for like 3 hours because I was sooo mad and I talked my dad into taking us. So, we got directions to Severna Park from and we were off!
The Way There...
we were soo excited and we just moved here and have no idea where Severna Park is, so we got lost, lol. we ended up in some like million dollar neighborhood. Luckily we saw some guy washing his boat and he told us how to get there. So, we finally arrived and I think we were the only people without lip rings (besides Chris and Adam) lol.
Opening Act...
ok I'm sorry but the opening act was kinda scary. I didn't catch their name, but they were like this thrash-metal band that just screamed during every song. I mean, there were no words! Just screaming! lol. They were REALLY loud, too. I mean, their music was good but I didn't like the vocals. Chris was talking to us and he was like "hey, uhh.. I'm in an emo band..." lol because the openers were so weird. Then he joked and said their next album was gonna be all rap.
ok, as soon as the openers cleared Raquel and I ran up to the front of the stage. Then this group of obnoxious guys crowded next to us, but it was all good. I mean, our toes were practically touching the stage! lol. CTS had a lot of technical problems... it took them a while to get the sound right and the mics to work. Finally everything was good, but all during the show bad things happened. Clarke's bass cut out, Adam knocked over his mic stand and lost all of his picks (this was pretty funny lol), and things just weren't working right. At one point Chris exclaimed, "Let's just break it all!". Adam also got his guitar cord all wrapped up and in a knot... but the music was unbelievable. Chris had warned us about their stage presence; he said they were just totally crazy once the music started. And he was right! Clarke was rolling around on the ground with his bass, Adam kept jumpng off of the amps, Dave was like killing his drums, and Chris was belting out amazing vocals. It seems like as soon as it started it was time for the last song...
After the Show...
Raquel and I really had to leave, but we wanted to say bye to Chris because he was so nice. Plus, this was the last show until they pick back up later this summer (speaking of "pick", lol, Raquel stole one of Adam's picks off the stage and one of their road guys was like "What?? You can't steal the band's picks! That's property of the band! That's just wrong!! oh i'm just kidding".)
Anyway, everyone was busy packing up and people started leaving. Then, we spotted Chris standing by the door and we told him how awesome the show was and that we'd miss them... and he said to keep in touch. Then he gave us hugs! lol. This show was soooo awesome. If anyone wants to attend one totally kick-ass show, CTS is for you!!!

"Let's just break it all!!"

Raquel and I took lots of pics, too. We got pics w/ Dave, Adam, and Chris, and we also got pics of all of them performing. The guy that was selling merchandise (sorry, I didn't catch his name!) was so cool, lol and he was funny. We were gonna get a pic with him but we forgot... but once I get them developed I'll put some on the site.