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Listen Up!


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haha I'm sure you're dying to read mine and Raquel's encounter with Count the Stars, so here it is! Ok Raquel and I went to the mall just so I could buy a b-day present for Lacey and then go home. Well, we went to Hot Topic and as we were leaving this super hot guy with lots of piercings walked up to us and started talking about how his band needed money because they're on the road and they have to eat... and so on, and i felt bad plus I love music and I'm always willing to promote, so I got out my money but I had blown all but 3 bucks in Hot Topic. So, he said I could buy the demo for three bucks and then Raquel like always has money, so she's like "Do you have change for a fifty?" and I think she like wiped him out of change lol. so he didn't have enough so she got the cd and the demo (the cd was 10 bucks). so then he looked around for stickers or something and he didn't have any so he gave us these little promotional pics and autographed them! So then we talked a bit and then raquel and i went to Pacific Sunwear... she bought a shirt.. we listened to the demo, and we walked back to Hot Topic to see them again. This time we got to talk to Clarke, Dave (the guy who apporached us the first time), and Chris. We talked a bit, told them the names of some other malls, lol, and they told us about their next show that they're playing in Severna Park (near Baltimore). So Raquel and I are probably going... haha these guys are so down-to-earth and I think everyone should listen to them!!