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Latest News:
5/7/2002 by  midtownchuck (1 /25)
On Monday, May 6 Midtown shot a video for LIKE A MOVIE in Los Angeles, CA. Stay tuned for photos, behind the scenes footage and the video, coming your way soon!
Fan Forum
5/2/2002 by midtownchuck (2 /25)
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Midtown does read their e-mail! They keep asking me to post some of the great letters they are getting so Click the link below to check 'em out until we get a Fan Forum section up on the site! You can e-mail the band at More@
Look, another F-ing Contest!
5/8/2002 by beankured (3 /25)
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Heh... Anyhow, you are still sitting there and you haven't gotten the Midtown CD yet... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Anyhow, if you haven't or if you want to win a copy for your Mommy then enter at Oh, it's an autographed CD. So, you'd have a special CD. ENTER NOW! More@