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No price Tag


No Price Tag is a local band here in Niceville. They area great band. and we'll be working to get more information on who plays what and all that good stuff! so check back! see, i just felt bad for not making the page for like ever. But now they have a page! and i'll add as much as i can from their website..

Enjoy some lyrics!
Also...give some support!
Visit their website. Sign the guestbook, look around, listen to some of their stuff!
There'll <--is that a word? be more to come.

Read Joey's little outlook of the band!:
I am Joey. I sing and play the guitar in a band. I have played in a band longer than I could sing or play the guitar. I have been trying to put a band together for five years. Success. Don't be mean to me, or you may find your way into one of our songs. We like to portray the intense struggle that Americans face everyday, mostly within the walls of their bathrooms. With heart felt songs like "Smells like Teen spirit in here" and "I love Waffles" this band is going to the top. Already they have compiled several tunes for the Ep including "BOO HOO blah blah blubber my life is under (whaa)" --a grunge like ballad rock that will make you look at your life and wonder why you are still alive, and "Take me over there Jesus" a inspirational acoustic that will also make you cry but for different reasons. I wear the same clothes everyday and I dont wash my hair. therefore I am cool and you should want to be just like me. I scream real loud and bang things, and again... be like me please. Buy our non existant EP and ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER!!

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