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Tour Dates

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About the Band:
Brodie is a melodic punk band from Seattle.  They played their first live show in Portland Oregon on October 1st, 2000. Since then they have played over 70 live shows, toured all over the western US (KS, OK, TX, AZ, CA, OR, WA, Canada), and released 2 demo CDs.

Brodie News

April 7th - The Brodie / Glasshead tour is off to a killer start. The Paradox and Hole shows were some of the most fun shows we've ever done. Huge thanks to John Richards and The End for sponsoring the Young and the Restless show on Friday. Playing with Glasshead every day is a dream come true and we are looking forward to our trip to California!

Jan 23rd - Today we released the first track off our 2002 demo to The song is called "When I'm With You" and the response from everyone has been awesome. Please play it often and help us spread the word. 

Tour Pictures
- Check out the tour page with pictures from our summer tour with All Wound Up. 
Click here to see the tour pictures!

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