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Friday, April 19th @ The Cactus Club in San Jose.
Doors at 7pm - Rufio plays last.

Sunday, March 24th @ The Troubador in LA
w/ Thrice, Further Seems Forever and Hot Rod Circuit

Saturday, March 23rd @ The Epicentre in San Diego
w/ Further Seems Forever and Thrice, and Hot Rod Circuit.

Friday, March 22nd @ Chain Reaction in Anaheim
w/ Further Seems Forever and Hot Rod Circuit


05/17 Henderson, NV The Castle
05/18 Mesa, AZ THe NIle
05/19 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad
05/23 Austin, TX The Backroom
05/24 Dallas, TX Galaxy Club
05/31 Jacksonville, FL DV8
06/01 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
06/04 Virginia Beach, VA Peabody's
06/06 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero
06/11 Buffalo, NY Showplace Theatre
06/12 Pittsburgh, PA Club Laga
06/13 Cleveland, OH Agora Theatre
06/14 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall
06/18 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
06/19 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
06/21 Salt Lake City, UT Brick's
06/24 Orangevale, CA The Boardwalk
06/25 Peteluma, CA Phoenix Theatre
06/26 Santa Cruz, CA Vat's Hall
06/28 San Diego, CA The Scene

*more info coming soon!!*

April 02, 2002

What is up people! We just got some great news! We're going to be touring
the US with Strung Out this summer!! We're sooo stoked to be touring with
such an awesome band and even more excited to finally hit up the east coast!
We'll have tour dates pretty soon...soo keep an eye out!! The tour will be
from May 17th to June 29th!!! We love you guys!

Spankings to all...

March 18, 2002

Ok everyone the mailing list is up and ready! So click "join the list" on the
left (or
here) and sign up already!

March 05, 2002

Hey guys! Sorry about the pop-ups and the annoying bar at the bottom, but
you'll have to put up with it for just a few days until we can switch to our
dedicated server. Thanks for understanding!

Don't forget to check out the
message board!

March 05, 2002

What's up everyone, and welcome to the new Rufio website! We know it has
been long overdue, but its finally here! We're going to have new pictures
up, theres going to be mailorder, and we have a section where the band talks
about whatever is on our mind...hehe So we're very stoked to have this new
site more shutting down and crap like that.


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