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Larger Than Life


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The music is what matters most...

here's Larger Than Life's discography!


"Along the Lines of Breaking Down" brand new EP!!
1. And We Never Asked For This
2. Our 10 Year
3. So This Is Ashtabula
4. Hometown
5. John Hughes
6. Play This Tune or Die


If Tomorrow Never Came

track listing:
-Last Summer
-If Tomorrow Never Came
-Note to Self:City Park, 2pm
-I Could Be The One
-Cloak and Dagger
-Some Kind of Wonderful
-This Day And Age

This is an awesome cd!!! You can buy it at, or at (for only $7.25!). All of the songs rock, and my favorites are Last Summer and If Tomorrow Never Came.

Easy Way Out

track listing:
-I Could Be The One
-Blind Deaf and Dumb
-Growing Apart
-Sorry State
-Time Spent Sick
-Home Town

This EP also has rockin' songs (of course) and really shows off Larger Than Life's talent. My favorite song off of this EP is Responsible.

Favorite CD

"If  Tommorrow Never Came" is a beautiful album. It has awesome songs that will stay in your head all day, is meaningful, and just plain rocks!!!!!!!!!!