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Larger Than Life


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more news (ctd. from home site)

Most of these news entries are from the official Larger Than Life site.

New E.P. Release!
Hey Everybody, we just got back from our first months tour of the summer and we've got some great news! But first we'd like to thank all of you who came out to the shows and a special thank you to our friends
The Sloppy Meateaters for helping us out (if you haven't already, go check these guys out!). Now onto the moment you've all been waiting for.... Our new E.P. "Along the Lines of Breaking Down" is finished! The new E.P. will be our debut release on Galactic Pop Records and is a prelude to our first full length which we hope to have out sometime this winter. We'll be having our CD release show on July 9th at Canes in San Diego with Over It, and The Sloppy Meateaters so we hope to see you all there!
Music Video/Message Board!
In other news, as some of you may or may not know, the video for "Last Summer" is now available on Kazaa. We haven't yet got it up on the site but look for it to be available here soon. We've also got a message board up for you board junkies so be sure to check that out. That's about all for now. Take care!

Tour Changes
Some of the LTL tour dates have changed... some that were unconfirmed have been cancelled and whatnot. By the way, the Baltimore date was cancelled and I'm pissed!!  
Summer Tour Dates Info!
Hey Everybody, I just thought I'd give you an update on this summers touring schedule. We're currently on the road and in Reno right now... we're actually about to leave for our show tonight in Salt Lake City, Utah. As many of you may or may not know, a few of our June tour dates have been changed due to circumstances beyond our control, so I just want to make sure and let you all know that we'll be adding more dates as the tour goes on so be sure to check back often. That's about it for now... we'll see ya on the road. Take care!!!
Yes, we're currently recording!:
Great news Everyone! We're currently in LA right now recording, as a matter of fact we're in the studio right now listening to Jon do some vocals.... we should have something new for you guys to listen to VERY SOON. Last night Jon, Devin and I hung out at a Ralph's grocery store and ate our "dinner" in the parking lot at like around 3am and then slept in the car for like 3 hours while Chuck and Roland spent 70 bucks to stay in a hotel. Today we got to meet the rapper Little Zane... there are all these rappers here in the studio next door smokin' it up like a motha. I think we're like official O.G.'s now or something. That's about all for now... check back soon for info on the recording and all of that good stuff. Take care and keep the rock alive!

Anthony & Larger Than Life
Music Video/Street Team:
LTL have finished making the video for "Last Summer", and it's now available for purchase at most shows. Also, the street team has been temporarily shut down do the the bussiness of LTL.
New Tour Dates Added:
Be sure to check out to view the latest tour dates! LTL have added about a months worth of shows onto the summer tour, and they'll be doing those shows with the Sloppy Meateaters (another awesome band!!). So be sure to check and see if they're coming to a place near you, and go!!
Recording Postponed:
For undisclosed reasons, the recording date of Larger Than Life's new material has been pushed back until the first week of April. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, since LTL will be able to record more tracks rather than the one they originally set out to record. For now, see them live to hear the new material!!!
Larger Than Life in the studio:
the band will be back in the studio on March 7th to record a new song which has not yet been titled. The song will be produced by Will Salazar (Fenix TX) and should be on within the next couple of weeks.
Posted 3/5/02