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In the fall of '97, four unsuspecting boys were abducted from their homes by a secret government agency. As part of a twisted psychological experiment, the boys were locked in a basement for months on end and forced to watch only MTV and reruns of the Canadian kids sketch comedy show "You Can't Do That On Television." As a result, the innocence of their youth was warped and maligned to the point of relationship dementia, a condition which forces the afflicted to write catchy, upbeat, pop songs about the awkward social escapades apparent in modern day suburbia. Upon their escape, these four vowed to bring their message of punk redemption to the relationship corrupt youth of Chicago and beyond. Allister was formed.

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So Who's Who You Ask?
Scottie-Bass and Vocals
Timmy-Guitar and Vocals
Johnny- Guitar and Vocals
Dave- Drums and Vocals
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Last Updated on Thursday, May 9, 2002 7:15 PM

We just played the Surf and Skate Fest dates.  Thanks to everyone that came out.  We have a bunch of tour dates coming up, check back often for new dates.

We just finished the CD, and are really excited about it. It will be out mid August.  There are 16 songs on the CD.

Our Song Reviews!:

Stuck- This song totally gets stuck in my head. Its one of those that i could listen to it without the words. It has a great sound

Moper- We found our selves signing, or typing rather, this one when we got bored. Its a song that makes you think. It has a darker sound than "stuck" did. It still rocks.

Jacob Thinks I'm Gay- Just the title tells me its a song that'll make me laugh. Its a fast paced song that i'd see myself turning up loud just to dance insanely to.

- (lacey) I just downloaded some songs from and the more i listen to them i love them. I know i'll buy their "dead ends and girlfriends" cd. I'm sure erica would feel the same.

download these songs at!-

** Upcoming Shows**

May 25 Las Vegas, NV The Castle


Jun 21 Nampa, ID Idaho Center Amphitheatre

Jun 22 Salt Lake City, UT Fairpark Grass Mall

Jun 23 Brighton, CO Adams County Fairground

Jun 25 Omaha, NB Westfare Amphitheater Lot

Jun 26 St. Louis, MO Riverport Amphitheatre Lot

Jun 27 Bonner Springs, KS Sandstone Amphitheatre Lot

Jun 28 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Center Lot

Jun 29 Houston, TX Reliant Center

Jun 30 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

July 2 Pheonix, AZ Peoria Sports Complex pre sale tix available Apr 19

July 3 Chula Vista, CA Coors Amphitheatre Lot pre sale tix available May 3

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