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Donkey Punch


You Thought You Were Good at Guessing Names..
Eric Day-Vocals
Aaron Brink-Guitar
Christopher Lee-Bass
Todd Waters-Drums
Brian Drake-Trumpet
Todd Bauer-Trumpet
Garrett Mendez-Trombone

(5-21-02) Home Sweet Home
Tour was a blast. Thanks to all the people that came to the                    

shows and especially to the bands that helped us out and
the kind people that let us crash on their couches and floors.
I'm not going to go to all the hassle of explaining the whole
tour here, but you can get the play by play if you click on the
tour diary link. I've written out the first couple days of tour
and will be adding the rest soon. Hopefully when you came
to the opening page you saw that it was redone and if you
are using the right kind of browser you should have heard
part of our recording of "Livin' On A Prayer" which we are
busy finalizing. Some other minor technical things have been
changed and new show dates were added. Read the tour

(5-1-02) And We're Off...
So this will be our last update before we go on tour. When
we come back I'll add a tour diary of some sort and we'll
be sure to take pictures. There have been a couple last
minute changes. We are not playing the Wired Frog on the
2nd. We are playing Cleveland on the 4th, not Delaware.
The show on the 9th in NC fell through as well. Sorry to
everyone in those places and especially to the people in
Buffalo and Cherry Bing. For those who will be coming to
our shows, come say hi to us, sign our guestbook to let
us know what you thought and bring lots of friends. To all
the people in Michigan, come to the Mustard Plug show. I'm
still not sure when we are playing, so get there early. I also
added a new poll. We will see you all on the road.

(4-16-02) More Mustard
Big thanks to everyone who came and rocked out at the
Mustard Plug show. If you liked that, then check this out.
We are playing with Mustard Plug again on May 3rd at The
Shelter in Detroit. Unfortunately, this means we will not be
making it to Buffalo. But come to Detroit and help us kick off
our tour. We have also added a pre-kick off on the 2nd at the
Wired Frog. Two all ages shows in a row! Crazy, I know. We
also have new shirts with robots on them, check them out on
our merch page. Also added some new links to the bio page.
And I almost forgot, we were voted best local band for the
third straight year in The Michigan Daily and got 2nd best
local rock band in The Current. Thanks to everyone who

(4-3-02) We Have a New Member

Ok, so that's not entirely true. Our new member is a Moog
Rogue we bought on ebay. Our horn players will be playing            
it when they aren't playing their horns or random percussion.
Our Moog will make its debut at the Mustard Plug show on
at least a couple songs so now you have no reason not to
go. In sadder news we are not playing in Toledo this
weekend. There were some scheduling issues. But we love
Toledo and will play there some other time. Also added a
new poll. Reel Big Fish won by a landslide last month.




**Upcoming Shows**
Thursday, June 6
@ Flint Local
Flint, MI
River City Rebels
Mr. Meano
All Ages, 7:00

Saturday, June 8
@ Festival
Grand Rapids, MI
All Ages, 3:00

Saturday, June 15
@ Blind Pig
Ann Arbor, MI
Ettison Clio
The Imports
All Ages, 7:00

Wednesday, July 10
@ Flint Local
Flint, MI
The Know How
Mr. Meano
The Hot Flashez
All Ages, 7:00



Check out their website. Its super cool and chock full of donkey goodness! And you can get a free Donkey Punch sticker. C'mon its free! So go!