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Listen Up!

**shut up and listen**
*Quote of the Month*
"you are the shit"
-that is from Kurt of Seven Six Zero. Erica was explaining
 about her living in Maryland and me living in Florida.
So that was his opinion on her

Some Reminders: (posted by Erica)
My email address has changed to Also, Raquel, our friend Hana, and I saw Count the Stars again on the 21st. It was very kick ass. You should check out mine & Raquel's CTS site:
Bla Bla Bla: (posted by Erica)
I know a while back I said I added the Rimtrik page... well I lied. Sorry. But it should be up soon, so be sure to check back. For now you should click the huge Rimtrik logo at the bottom of the page... And by the way they're the band of the month. **I fixed the guestbook**
News as of May 24: (posted by Lacey)
Well well, i added a Donkey Punch, Allister and Big D and the Kids Table page. I was continuing to add some more stuff. But i gotta stop myself. I've neglected my family all day. But there IS a new guestbook. I dunno why it won't turn into a little icon. So its at the bottom. Just click on all the jumble.
News(posted by Lacey) 
hey homeslices..well i know getting started has been a slow process. but Lacey (me) is out of school. woohoo. So besides band, not much is goin on in my life. Erica, on the other hand, is still in school. So feel bad for her. But because of my lack of things to do, its time i added some cool stuff. So check back often, and look for new bands. I just recently downloaded some new stuff and might add some of those bands. Enjoy :). -lacey
News:(posted by Erica)
I added new tour dates to the Getaway page and I reformatted the Midtown page. Everything is still under construction, though!
News: (posted by Erica)
Raquel (my sis) and I went and saw Count the Stars play at the Holy Grounds Youth Center in Severna Park. It was soooo awesome, and I've added a show review on their page. Check it out!

PLEASE check out this month's featured band!!!!


Lacey and Erica

**If you have a band of your own and would like a page on this site (it's free promotion!!) just email Erica at She'll email you a list of a few questions, and viola! Until we run out of site space, we'll continue to add more bands. But, as of now, we've got lots of room!**